Not every GPS is capable of finding our address. Therefore you can use Zeeschipstraat 100 in Wondelgem as direction. Once you’ve arrived you can find us in front of Lindab.

At our store it’s possible to pay cash or by bank card. It’s not possible to pay in-store collections with VISA.

For deliveries you can choose between different arrangements for payment:

  • In advance – cash or bank card
  • With a transfer. Please note that the transfer must be completed before we can deliver.
  • Cash to one of our truck drivers
  • It’s also possible to pay the delivery to our truck drivers  with a bank card.

Notice: we always have to know, in advance, which of the last two arrangements you want to take in case of payment to one of our truck drivers.

In renovation of restaurants, clubs, stores, public buildings,… they often demand fire resistant Gyproc walls and ceilings. To meet the requirements Gyproc has published guides where they show which wall or ceiling you need to construct to fulfill a certain fire resistance. As a recognized distribution centre of Gyproc we can provide you those certifications.

Any questions? We will gladly help you!

Vapour barrier is designed specifically to ensure vapour tightness of insulated structures (roofs, external walls, secondary walls, etc.). The barrier is rolled out and then stapled, glued or nailed to the warm side of the insulation. 

via deze link kan u onze Algemene voorwaarden vinden:

Algemene Voorwaarden

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