The classic plaster is packaged as a powder product in 25 kg bags.

A wet plaster is obtained by mixing gypsum powder and water homogenously.
A correct mix ratio and method, ambient temperature, clean mixing containers, etc., are important to obtain a smooth plaster. That is why it is important always to follow the handling instructions on the packaging or technical information sheet.

There are of course many varieties and types of gypsum, each of which has its own applications and properties. For instance, there are single and double layer plasters, bonding plasters, thin filler, fire-proof plasters, etc. The perfect product for each application can be selected with a good study of the substrate and the desired end result. The choice of the right plaster backing also contributes to the end result. After all, not every substrate is suitable for plastering. Plaster backing materials can include panels, metal mesh or reinforcing mesh. The substrate will also help determine the choice. The use of plaster backing will prevent cracking or, in the worst case, crumbling of the plaster.

Victoir can also help you with the restoration of old buildings in which classic and older building materials were used. Natural plasters, ecological fillers, and environmentally conscious material choices are just a few of the things that we support.

Victoir will be happy to help you make the right choice!

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