Euroband and Eurocoat
With reinforcing tape and sealing paste from Eurocol, we provide a watertight solution for wet areas such as shower cubicles, bathrooms, dishwashing areas, etc.

Euroband is a felt made of polyester and polypropylene fibres. It is used to seal horizontal and vertical tile joints and to seal sheeting material underneath tiling. With its flexibility and its elasticity, it is ideal in combination with Eurocoat to take up the movements that occur in the structure. Eurocoat is an acrylate dispersion in a ready-mix paste form. Eurocoat can be used on practically any type of substrate, which is applied clean, dry, grease and grime free.

Dispersion primer
Dispersion primer is a light pink acrylate dispersion. On one hand, it provides a solution to improve the adhesion of sealants, tile adhesives and levelling compounds on absorptive gypsum and cementitious walls and floors, panel materials, etc. It cannot be used on closed substrates. On the other hand, dispersion primer provides reinforcement of the top layer of walls and floors that release some sand.

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