Reveals are used for the transition at the sides of the windows. Here at Victoir, we make a distinction between a Platinum reveal and a DK 1 reveal.

The Platinum reveal is entirely made of polymer. This polymer provides a hard, durable reveal that is impervious to mould or other condensation problems at frames. Platinum reveals can be cut to the perfect sized with a utility knife.  The Platinum reveal is always glued with a bonding plaster and has a corner profile for a clean joint with the plaster. 

The DK 1 is a reveal that consists of a gypsum sheet that includes a metal corner profile. With the integrated corner profile, the DK 1 guarantees the perfect finish for your reveal.

Reinforcing mesh
Gitex is a fibreglass fabric exclusively for use with gypsum plasters. Gitex is used where there are grooves, seams or holes. Gitex is identified by colour, where blue Gitex is coarser and stronger than white Gitex.

Delta PT studded membrane
Knauf Delta-PT is used as a vertical bearer for gypsum-based plaster layers and glued gypsum board for interior applications. It is primarily used on moist walls (e.g. rising damp or walls in contact with the ground) or contaminated walls (e.g. presence of soot traces or stable walls). Any contact between the walls and the dry finishing layers is avoided by means of this membrane. Knauf Delta-PT is used on adequately firm masonry. With the studded structure and in combination with Knauf Delta-PT profiles, a ventilated cavity can be created between the foil and the moist wall, which promotes drying of a wall that has been treated for moisture.

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