Exterior facade insulation

The Facade unit at Victoir has all-round expertise in the field of façade plastering. The company has the experience and knowledge in house to give the showpiece of your exterior any desired look. However, at Victoir we like to take this a step further. As progressive as the company is, the professional specialists at Facade have the answer to meet important new demand from the market: external wall insulation.

Not very many people think about it, but as much as forty percent of the heat can be lost through a poorly insulated facade. In a time when we are more environmentally conscious, energy prices are rising and the government is also setting strict environmental requirements for houses, good façade insulation is indispensible. According to Victoir, good façade insulation is here to stay on the market. That is why the Façade unit specialises in (external) wall insulation systems, also called EWIS.

The advantages of external wall insulation
Victoir has developed a lightweight external wall insulation system, which is excellent for both new construction and renovation. With this method, the exterior facade is covered with insulation panels, a tension-equalising mortar layer and a reinforcing fabric. This is followed by the decorative finish, with which each desired look can be created. This unique method has many advantages. Because the material is extremely light, the consumer saves considerable costs on the foundation for new construction projects compared to a much heavier cavity wall. Furthermore, it helps to save on energy costs; after all, the facade is very well protected against weather and wind! There is also the advantage that the interior walls emit radiant heat and that the indoor temperature is much more constant. All these factors ensure that the residents or users of the building can live and work in a pleasant interior climate.

In full growth
It is clear: the renovation market is growing quickly, which is a good thing for Victoir Facade. With the move to the new site in Wondelgem, there is nothing to stop this unit from growing together with this expansion.

To find out more about this, please feel free to come have a look.

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