A good finish demands professional tools. The quality of the products is not the only thing that affects the end result, the quality of the tools used also plays an important role. For instance, putty-knives made of low quality steel rust more quickly, leaving unsightly rust spots behind in the plaster work.

When processing gypsum, fillers and cements we primarily think of mixing tools (mixing paddle, mixer, bowl), plastering guides, plastering knives, corner and stop profiles and trowels as primary accessories. It is necessary that each of these tools are easy to handle and are made of the suitable materials.

  • A brief summary of the types of tools available from us is given below.
  • Hand tools specifically for plastering professionals, finishing carpenters and painters
  • Electric tools
  • Site lighting
  • Lasers & telemeters
  • Cord reels & extension cords
  • Construction dryers
  • Mixers
  • Drywall lift

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