The professional filler

At the top for over 60 years

Ready-mix filler is a Swedish invention.
Dalapro has been the leader in product development for over 60 years.
Tradespeople’s requirements and ease of use are central principles.

A professional filler for every application

Dalapro has put together a wide assortment of fillers so that you can always choose the ideal product that meets your filler needs optimally, for any substrate and any desired level of finish.
There are traditional and lightweight fillers, fillers with increased water resistance, fillers with extra adhesion, fillers with extra filling capacity, coarse to very fine fillers, hand, roller and spray fillers, etc.

Experience the difference

Dalapro fillers make your work easier as a professional user and save your back and shoulders. Dalapro spreads very easily, fills and binds well and sands without any trouble.
Filling with Dalapro takes less effort, contributes to better ergonomics and increases your yield.

Choose your own favourites from the Dalapro product range and experience the difference yourself!

Spreading, spraying or rolling?

Dalapro has a very complete range of almost 30 fillers.
You can choose from hand fillers (to be applied with a taping knife or float), roller fillers (to be applied with a roller on extension pole) and spray fillers (to be sprayed with airless or worm pump).

A roller not only saves you time, it is also ergonomic. The light, smooth Dalapro roller fillers can be rolled over walls and ceilings and are very easy to skim off.
Working with spray filler is even faster, more ergonomic and more economical.
If you opt for Dalapro, you choose the leader in innovative spray fillers.

Active quality and environmental efforts

Dalapro fillers are made in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental guidance system. Our goal is to meet the quality requirements of the future and ensure that the environmental impact of the products during their entire life cycle is at a minimum.

Dalapro support
Dalapro is supported by a team of experts who can answer your questions.
Email us at or call us at +32 (0)9/251.0.261 (ask for Filip De Muynck).

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