Hand fillers

Dalapro F
Dalapro F is a very fine ready-mix white hand filler. F is particularly suitable for filling and skimming in thin layers when you want to obtain an extremely fine and smooth surface. F bonds to matte wall paints and can readily be sanded.

Dalapro Fine
Dalapro Fine is a ready-mix, white hand filler that also contains lightweight fillers. Fine is particularly suitable for filling and skimming in thin layers when you want to obtain an extremely fine and smooth surface. Fine bonds to wall paint (matte and satin) and can readily be sanded.

Dalapro Premium
Dalapro Premium is a white lightweight hand filler with very good adhesion, even on matte and satin paints. Premium is used on all common types of walls and ceilings where a clear white and very smooth surface is required. Premium is also ideal for finishing drywall sheets. Premium is even lighter in weight than Fine and has even better adhesion.

Dalapro Medium
Dalapro Medium is a very universal filler for indoor use. Medium fills well, handles extremely well and gives a smooth end result. Dalapro Medium is ideal for smoothing and fine filling of most interior substrates such as plasterboards, concrete, existing plaster, wall paint (matte and satin), etc.

Dalapro Nova
Dalapro Nova is a hand filler that satisfies strict environmental and climate requirements and is therefore entitled to bear the Svanen Ecolabel. Dalapro Nova handles just as well as Medium and can be used for the same applications. Aside from the ecolabel, Dalapro Nova also distinguishes Medium by its colour (slightly lighter in colour), lower shrinkage and slightly faster drying.

Dalapro Joint
Dalapro Joint is a lightweight hand filler that was specially developed for embedding paper tape in drywall joints. This gives you a very strong joint connection.  Dalapro Joint is also frequently used as a finishing filler on many different substrates. After all, Dalapro Joint handles very well, gives a strong but sandable surface after drying and even bonds perfectly to existing paints (matte and satin). We recommend using Marco joint paper tape when filling drywall joints.

Dalapro Facade
Dalapro Facade is a smooth, ready-mix lightweight filler for both interior and exterior use. Dalapro Facade, specially developed for exterior applications, withstands frost-thaw cycles and rough weather conditions effortlessly. Dalapro Facade can also easily be sanded after drying, which is very exceptional for an exterior filler, and can then easily be painted with all the usual types of paint. Given its good filling capacity, its outstanding adhesion and its good handling characteristics, Dalapro Facade is also used for many interior applications. After all, Dalapro Facade offers reliable bonding, even on difficult substrates, such as gloss paint and faience tiles.

Dalapro Hydro
Dalapro Hydro is a waterproof lightweight filler, especially designed for indoor spaces where a higher moisture load is expected. Dalapro Hydro is mould resistant, has excellent bonding characteristics and forms a strong and hard surface after drying. Hydro can also be sanded.

Dalapro Wood Finish
Dalapro Wood Finish is an extra fine “thick”, white filler. Dalapro Wood Finish is actually six times as fine as Dalapro Fine! Dalapro Wood Finish forms a compact and very fine surface and is an excellent substrate for demanding finishes such as glossy paint. Dalapro Wood Finish is also used for fine filling of primed wooden and metal substrates such as windows, doors, frames, panels, etc.

Dalapro Max
Dalapro Max is an easy to sand, lightweight hand filler with extra filling capacity for interior use. Dalapro Max is excellent for thicker filler layers on brick, painted fibreglass, raw plasterwork, concrete or decorative structures. Combine with Dalapro Fine or Premium as a top layer where a very smooth final finish is desired. Max also bonds to wall paint (matte and satin).

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