Roval sill flashing & drip caps

The sill flashing and drip caps from Roval Aluminium are characterised by a broad spectrum of possible applications for both residential and commercial buildings.

Sill flashing
The aluminium sill flashing is not only functional, but also has a high aesthetic value and is increasingly used in architectural projects. Aside from an extensive selection of standard sill flashing, with lengths up to 6,000 mm, custom work is also possible. Roval has a well-equipped department for plate and sheet metal, where sill flashing can be made to fully custom profile designs in lengths up to 4,000 mm.

Drip caps
An extensive range of drip caps complete your options and ensure that a good solution is available for each detail. The standard drip caps from Roval are available in lengths up to 6,000 mm; of course custom solutions are also possible (up to 4,000 mm).

The sill flashing from Roval is used in residential and commercial construction. With the special end caps, the sill flashing can also be used in situations where the external wall insulation plays a role. End caps ensure that the sill flashing can expand and contract freely, because they are installed on the drip cap with a small amount of play. The end cap has at least two stainless steel clamp springs, as a result of which thermal expansion can easily be taken up. A special clever drain piece makes it unnecessary to seal the end plate.

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