Plaster backing

It is not possible to plaster directly onto every surface, especially under wooden floors and roofs and poor substrates. That is why we use plaster backing. There are various types of plaster backing, each of which plays an important role in the end result. To meet the needs of the plasterer, we have included the following plaster backing in our product range:

Gyplat & Stuc board
Drywall & plasterboard are both gypsum and paper panels that are specially designed to be plastered with various types of plaster. The special paper provides an optimal bond of the plaster to the panels, and the panels also have rounded edges to ensure ideal anchoring.

Stucanet is a lightweight, highly flexible galvanized mesh with a perforated moisture-absorbing paper that is ideal for plaster bonding. Stucanet is ideal for every application. For instance, you can create perfect concave or convex shapes or sharp corners. For steel columns and beams, Stucanet is excellent as a plaster backing. In short, Stucanet is the ideal plaster backing for everything from classic to ultramodern projects.

Grip-Latt Plus
Grip-Latt Plus is an expanded metal lathing for interior and exterior applications. Grip-Latt Plus can be used as a plaster backing for all traditional gypsum, lime or cement plasters. The herringbone structure of Grip-Latt Plus ensures an ideal bond. This lathing can be used in traditional new construction and renovation as well as in timber and metal frame construction. 


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