Jobsites Radios

Jobsites radios for professionals

Since the company started in 2004 Perfectpro has specialized entirely in developing and building jobsite radios for professionals. This unique specialization enables us to offer you, the professional, a complete range of music tools to choose from.

Perfectpro jobsite radios are designed, developed and tested in Europe in order to meet the high demands of the European user in the best possible way. This is not only evident from their professional design but also the high quality of their sound and their unique ease of use.

In order to give you what you want when it comes to the very latest audio technology, Perfectpro never stops innovating. The starting point remains the same: your and our love of music and radio.

Building - site and workshop proof

In order to be ready to face hard, everyday reality all Perfectpro jobsite radios are rain, dirt and dust resistant. The housing and roll cage are made entirely from impact-resistant ABS plastic and some models are fitted with additional rubber shock absorption.

The 2 year warranty means you can have confidence in your radio.


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