Facade finishing

Decorative plaster
Decorative plaster or facade plastering is an ideal way to bring new life to your facade. For instance, this is perfect for use on complex structures where other products are less accessible. We distinguish two types of decorative plasters. We have mineral decorative plasters (cement based) and decorative plasters based on synthetic resins. In terms of quality, silicone plaster is better than a mineral plaster, because it has a more attractive finish, it is elastic and virtually maintenance-free.

Decorative plasters are often applied directly to a cement base. In houses that do not satisfy the specified insulation standards, we will provide the external facade with insulation panels using adhesive mortar and plugs.

Liscio 2
Liscio 2 is a cement-free stucco mortar based on hydraulic lime and mineral fillers. It is a technique that allows the substructure to show through and is primarily used for its moisture regulating and authentic character. Because the stucco mortar contains lime, the stucco adapts to the weather conditions. In this way, we obtain an exterior facade with various nuances. With stucco, we have a colour pallet of 60 colours that can be mixed together to create your own colours.

For those who preferring a uniform colour, but still want to keep the same moisture-regulating properties, we have Tensiocoat TQ and TQ Quartz. Tensiocoat TQ is a waterproof paint system with a mineral character that offers an infinite colour pallet.

Tensiocoat TQ Quartz is the answer for treatments where the micro-porous properties of a mineral paint and the moisture repellent properties of a high quality acrylic paint are desired. Tensiocoat TQ Quartz is used for both new construction and renovation and has a soft stucco effect.

Coloured facade plastering
With SM 700 Pro we can provide coloured facade plastering. SM 700 Pro is a dry mineral mortar that is enriched with fibres and is water repellent. SM 700 Pro is standard white but can be prepared in different colours. SM 700 Pro can be used as a textured or sanded final plaster layer. It is also ideal as a renovation mortar. In short, SM 700 Pro is the ideal facade plastering to give your house colour quickly and easily.  

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